Parent Night moved to next week!

Change in the Calendar!

ASC Parent Night will not be on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 as planned on the calendar. It has been postponed until Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience! We look forward to seeing you next week!

                   -Woodruff ASC Leaders

Cambio en el Calendario!

No vamos a tener la noche de padres que ponemos en el calendario para este miercoles el 21 de febrero del 2018. Ahora, lo vamos a tener el proximo miercoles el 28 de febrero del 2018. Perdonanos por este cambio. Esperamos verles la proxima semana!

                   -Los lideres de ASC

Announcements for week of Feb 12-19

There is no ASC:

Friday Feb. 2, 2018

Wed Feb 14, 2018

Thursday Feb 15, 2018

Friday Feb 16, 2018

Monday Feb 19, 2018


Parent Night will be Wednesday, Friday, February 21, 2018 from 5:30-6:30. Come have fun with us. We will have fun activities for you and your kids to enjoy!

The 4-5 Graders are going on a field trip to the Cache Humane Society on Friday, February 23, 2018. Make sure to fill out a field trip form so they will be able to go!

Fire Station Field Trip!

We went to the Logan Fire Station for our field trip. We learned about the importance of fire and how to safely use it. We learned about what we should do if there is a fire in our house. The fire fighters also showed us their trucks and engines. They use a lot of heavy and cool tools! We even saw them in action as they went out on a call!

Monday Activity Learning!

Students learned about molecules and how they react to other molecules by watching videos of science experiments. 

Jake Pedersen brought his snare drum in to share with us. He is a member of the USU Marching Band. He played for us and allow the kids to play as well. He also told the kids why he chose to be a drummer!

Students learned about communication by ordering themselves by birthrate without being able to talk. Students found other ways to communicate with hand signals and body movement. It was hard but they figured it out in the end.

Feelings Activity!

The students learned how to control their feelings from the Inside Out characters!

Explorers Club!

The Explorers have been traveling all around the world! They have visited Japan and made origami. They visited New Zeland and learned about digeridoos and even learned how to do the Haka dance! They traveled on plane made of styrofoam!


Musical Club!

Our Musical club has been learning all about music. They have learned how musical instruments sound, musical genres, and even made some musical instruments.

Harry Potter Club!

The Harry Potter club has made glasses out of pipe cleaners, read the stories of beadle and bard, made wands, and more!

Mad Scientist Club!

The Mad Scientist Club has been doing science experiments. They have studied erosion, chemical changes with vinegar and pennies, and more!

A Good Way to Start...

January activities are in full swing! We have had a Harry Potter club, Musical club, Explorers club, and a Mad Scientist club. We have been working on homework and enriching our knowlege!

Happy New Year 2018!


We are excited for a new school year. We hope that you had a fun break! We have many fun activities planned. Here are some things to remember!

The first day of ASC session 2 is Wednesday, January 3, 2018! ASC runs from 2:50-5:30pm.  Your child will need to be picked up at 5:30pm. If you need to contact us you can call the school at 435-755-2350 Ext 3. We would love to answer any questions concerning ASC

- Please make sure you are coming in the school and signing your children out!

If your child is going to be missing ASC, please call us, or send a note with your child!


Mr. Ryan, ASC Site Manager


After School Club Daily Schedule

          2:50-4:00 Learning Center/Snack

                Snack K-2 (2:55-3:10)

                            4-5 (3:20-3:35)

            3 (3:45-4:00)

Learning Center Rooms


K Mrs. Davis’ Room 36

1st Mrs. Sawyer’s Room 9

2nd Miss Pierce’s Room 12

3rd Mrs. Cole’s Room 21

4th-5th Mr. Felsch’s Room 24


          4:00-4:15 Announcements

           4:15-5:00 Clubs

           5:00-5:30 Rec Time

          5:30 Sign-out

December Activities!

December was a busy month at Woodruff ASC.

We had a basketball tournament with Bridger and Ellis Elementary. Ellis went home with the championship. 

We made blankets for CAPSA to help out families in need.

Many crafts have been made. Snowballs, slime, reindeer, and more!

Club Time Fun

We have been having a ton of fun in clubs. I have included just a few pictures of the fun we have had. We went on a field trip to the USU Anthropology Museum. We get our homework done! 


We went to the Daines Concert Hall on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. We had fun watching all the other schools perform. We sang and performed our routine to many cheers from the audience. Thank you for all of those who came and supported the kids.

Club Fun!

Here are some pictures of all the fun we have had in clubs for the past couple months.

We had an awesome Parent Night!

Thanks to all those who came and participated. Gru and the minions even came to join us! We had a few witches, Cookie Monster, Harry Potter and much more. We had a fun spook alley, dont eat Pete!, Witches Brew, and Face Painting!