Club Time Fun

We have been having a ton of fun in clubs. I have included just a few pictures of the fun we have had. We went on a field trip to the USU Anthropology Museum. We get out homework done! 


We went to the Daines Concert Hall on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. We had fun watching all the other schools perform. We sang and performed our routine to many cheers from the audience. Thank you for all of those who came and supported the kids.

Club Fun!

Here are some pictures of all the fun we have had in clubs for the past couple months.

We had an awesome Parent Night!

Thanks to all those who came and participated. Gru and the minions even came to join us! We had a few witches, Cookie Monster, Harry Potter and much more. We had a fun spook alley, dont eat Pete!, Witches Brew, and Face Painting!

October Fun!

We had a lot of fun in October. I know we are a little late posting these but I want everyone to see all the fun we have been having! We went on a field trip to the pumpkin walk!


Lights On is next Wednesday, from 5:30-6:30pm! The kids have been practicing their routine and are excited to perform it at the Daines Concert Hall! Come support see the fun that they have been having!

Wonderful Woodruff!!!

We have had a lot of fun here at Woodruff ASC. We have gone on a few field trips. We went to the pumpkin walk and saw all the awesome exhibits. We have made many crafts and played many fun games! We had a really fun parent night celebrating Halloween. We look forward to more fun in the coming months!


Guest Speaker on Friday, November 10, 2017

Lights On Event on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Some of the 3-5th graders are preparing a body percussion routine and they will perform on Wednesday at 5:50-6:30pm at the new Daines Concert Hall at USU. Please come support your children!


Welcome to Woodruff ASC!!!

We are excited for a new school year. We have many fun activities planned. Here are some things to remember!

We will be going on a field trip to the George Eccles Ice Center to tour the facility and watch some ice skaters. Please look for field trip forms. Your students will have them in their backpacks. Fill them out and return them to an ASC leader.

- Please make sure you are coming in the school and signing your children out!

If your child is going to be missing ASC, please call us, or send a note with your child!

After School Club

Daily Schedule

          2:50-4:00 Learning Center/Snack

                Snack K-2 (2:55-3:10)

                            4-5 (3:20-3:35)

            3 (3:45-4:00)

Learning Center Rooms

                K Mrs. Lowder’s Room

1st Mrs. Keeper’s Room

2nd Ms. Pierce’s Room

3rd Ms. Greens room

4th Ms. Cole’s Room

5th Mr. Felsh’s Room


          4:00-4:15 Announcements

           4:15-5:00 Clubs

           5:00-5:30 Rec Time

          5:30 Sign-out