Community Council Minutes
October 11, 2017
3:00 to 4:20


  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Jana Wheelwright
  • Eric Markworth
  • Sara Kippen
  • Lindsey Patterson
  • Tiffany Vollmer
  • Becca Crookston
  • Karlee Fryer
  • Melissa Dahle
  • Val Christensen
  • Wyatt Olsen

Review and Approval of Minutes from September Meeting

  • Melissa Dahle- motioned
  • Jana Wheelwright- 2nd motion

Other Business

Budget and Expenditures Update:With the carryover of $10,389 from last year we have a total distribution of $72,324 for this year. As of the October Meeting $12,177.10 of the Trustland funds had been spent. Eric found out that the $300 listed in the budget under teachers was from the two extra days at the end of the school year when we brought teachers back to plan for the upcoming year. Two of the teachers were not yet listed as employees for payroll, so they were paid at the beginning of the school year. The PLC conference is included in the total money spent, except for the expense of the hotels. The hotel cost will be around $3,000. We reviewed the SIP to see where we were with the budget.

  • ELA
    • 8,500-Teacher 2-day planning at the end of the school year (Eric shared with us that we could possibly change where these funds came from, there is money available with Title 1 funds).
    • $15,000-Purchase Chromebooks and cart to be used in the second grade.
    • $6,000-RAZ Plus (This will be renewed in February, we will have 18 licenses-36 available per license. This is mostly used in the lower grades.)
    • $8,500-Americorp Salary (This year we will have actual literacy nights, separate from PTC)
    • $8,500-Aides
  • PBS:
    • $5,000-Character Education Program (Provide incentives for students
  • STEM:
    • $11,000-PLC Conference
    • $7,000-STEM Aide
    • $3,000-STEM Supplies

  • Val Proposed to change the SIP to not include the $8,500 for teacher 2-day planning in the summer, having Title 1 funds cover that instead.
  • Eric- 2nd the motion
  • All were in favor

Employee of the Year Schedule:
Education Support Professional of the Year: open for nomination right now, ends November 1. We will vote on this at the next meeting. (Eric will send out another email reminding parents that this nomination is open. We talked about including a list of who falls in this category at the school, but didn’t know if ESP staff members would like that info going out.) Eric will email the nominations out to us before our next meeting, so we can look them over and be ready to vote.
Teacher of the Year:Nominations will be open from January 3-February 1. We will vote on this at the February meeting.
Volunteer of the Year:Nominations will be open from February 26-March 26. We will vote on this at the April meeting.

Boundaries:There is a boundary meeting on November 16th at 6:00pm. They will be discussing the current school boundaries and looking at different options for boundaries. Enrollment is down for some schools and on the rise for other schools. Woodruff’s enrollment is currently down from previous years.

Review and Approve Bylaws:The by-laws have been updated with the changes made at the last meeting.

  • Eric motioned to approve the updated bylaws.
  • Melissa- 2nd the motion
  • All were in favor

Sarety Update for Signs:Sara did some research for signs to post outside in the circle drives that say move forward. We could purchase some that are already made, or we can design our own. We decided it would be better to go with the premade signs.

  • Eric proposed that we purchase two signs, spending about $50 of the Trastland Funds.
  • Val- 2nd the motion
  • All were in favor

Reminder:Eric will have the times for NO PARKING on the current signs changed to new times because of the change in start and end times of our school day.

SNAP Plan:Abraham Felsch attends the district safety meetings, and he bought back from the meeting that they are working on a cross walk for in front of the school. We are no longer wanting to pursue that plan. We will need to pass that info on to the city. Possibly we will invite a city worker to one of our upcoming meetings. Eric has sent our SNAP plan in for approval from the district. We will continue to look at it. We are all going to drive our neighborhoods with the printed SNAP plan and see in what ways we can improve it. We will come together and discuss what we noticed at our next meeting. Eric will also email us a link to the SNAP online.

Public Input

The AR celebration for this trimester will be a USU Women’s Basketball Game.

Items for the Next Meeting

Bring in one idea for a meeting norm. Norms are ways to help the meetings run more smoothly, to help us get through all the agenda items. An example given by Stacie was to be on time.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 8th @ 3:15 pm