Communtiy council Minutes
November 8, 2017
3:20 to 4:35


  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Jana Wheelwright
  • Eric Markworth
  • Sara Kippen
  • Lindsey Patterson
  • Becca Crookston
  • Karlee Fryer
  • Melissa Dahle
  • Val Christensen
  • Wyatt Olsen
  • Tiffany Vollmer

Review and Approval of Minutes From October Meeting

  • Melissa Dahle-montioned
  • Jana Wheelwright- 2nd motion

Other Business

Meeting Norm Ideas:Keep meetings to an hour, we talked about having a time keeper to help us know how we are doing on time as we go through the agenda. When time is up for the agenda topic we can discuss if we want to continue to go over it or save for a future meeting. Melissa said she would be willing to be the time keeper. We also talked about having respect for one another’s ideas, to give everyone a chance to be heard, and to work together as a team or council-find the common goal.

Budget and Expenditures Update:At the last meeting we talked about our budget being $72,324 with the carryover from last year, that total was actually without the carryover. So, we have a budget of $82,713 for this school year. At this point our projected carryover will be around $4,637, with a used budget amount of $78,076.

Employee of the Year-ESP Nominations:We had 16 nominations for the Education Support Professional of the year. We spent time reading through the nominations, that were listed by numbers not names, narrowed it down to our top three and then voted for our top one. Fara Avila was nominated as the Education Support Professional this school year. She was presented with the award at Woodruff’s Veteran’s Day Assembly. We were impressed with the variety of nominations this year and talked about giving each person nominated a shout out with the district along with a copy of the comments written about them.

PTA Community Fall Carnival:Tiffany shared with us that the PTA Fall Carnival was a huge success. They had a great turnout, and sold all the extra meals that were ordered. They brought in a total amount of $4,897, and had over $5,600 of prizes donated for the evening. The PTA received a grant from Kohl’s for $500 which paid for the bounce houses. Kohl’s also sent 5 volunteers to help with the evening.

Safety Update/SNAP:The safety signs we ordered were posted today in the circle drive. We will talk more next month about the SNAP plan and Safety updates. They are putting a sidewalk in on 600 South, however it will not be a continual sidewalk. As a reminder, please look around your neighborhoods for safe routes to Woodruff.

Review Parent Involvement Policy:We looked through the Parent Involvement Policy and talked about possible changes that could be made to it. There was some confusion as to if there is a separate policy for the district and the school. Eric was going to do some research on that and let us know. The Parent Involvement Policy is required for all Title 1 Schools.

Boundary Meeting:Boundary Meeting will be November 16th at 6:00pm. The district will be discussing the future growth for elementary schools in the district. A good time to come ask questions, share concerns, etc.

Items for Next Meeting

Discuss the crosswalk on 600 South in front of the school, instead of a crosswalk maybe school zone in front of the school with flashing lights.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 13th @ 3:15 pm