Community COuncil Minutes
March14, 2018
3:15 to 4:25 pm


  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Jana Wheelwright
  • Matt Bennett
  • Sara Kippen
  • Lindsey Patterson
  • Becca Crookston
  • Karlee Fryer
  • Melissa Dahle
  • Val Christensen
  • Wyatt Olsen
  • Wendy Morrey

Review and Approval of Minutes from February Meeting

  • Val Christensen-motioned
  • Stacie Jorgensen- 2nd motion

Other Business

Expenditure/Budget Update:We have a total budget of $83,556, at this point we have spent a total of $48,256.93. Looking at the budget through the end of the year we will have about $12,000 remaining to spend. Some ideas that have come from the team leaders are: more computers, more time for teachers to plan as teams, and possibly summer school programs. We currently have Chromebooks for 2nd through 5th grades. Lindsey brought up a good point about teaching the students to take better care of the equipment they are using at school. If we are going to continue to spend money on electronics we need to educate in ways of how to take care of them. Possibly find something that will help the teachers, students, and parents to all be on the same page. Maybe come up with a contract for students/parents to sign that will have more responsibility connected to it. We will continue this discuss next month.

Safety:Drop off/pick up continues to be a concern. Stacie has been working with the preschool/kindergarten teachers for AM pick up. They are hoping by moving the classes to wait a little further up on the sidewalk that parents will move forward in the circle drive. Lannis Christensen, who works as an aide, has been out in the circle trying to help the parents understand the idea of moving forward, not double parking, leaving their car unattended, etc. Wendy Morrey, a 1st grade teacher here at Woodruff, came with concerns of safety at Woodruff. She shared with us a personal story of her younger brother being involved in an accident at school, and it wasn’t until the accident happened that changes were made at the school. Some things Wendy has noticed here at Woodruff are: that the teacher parking lot on the west side of the school is being used for drop off and pick up, there are parents parking on the street in front of the school and waving their children across (not in a crosswalk), vehicles are double parking in the circle drives and having kids come out to them, vehicles are seeming to be in a hurry, a need for aides to be more engaged with parents-maybe in separate areas. Some suggestions that were discussed as a council are to have a person actually explain the parking, pick up/drop off at back to school, maybe have a table at parent teacher conferences to remind families (a table that has to be visited), make the parking lot in front of the school not available to staff for parking in hopes of having open parking stalls for drop off/pick up. We need to follow up on getting a school zone 20mph sign in front of the school, we should be able to have one now that 10th West doesn’t have one, and that we do not want a crosswalk there. Possibly having parent volunteers sign up for a week at a time to help with pick up times, parents might be more willing if only asked to help for a week. We also talked about having the school officer at different times in the year show up to help with implementing what should be happening. Also asking a police officer to come park in the school area to ticket jay walking and other traffic laws not being followed. Another suggestion was to have the curb on the north side of the street in front of the school be painted red for no parking, to help stop parents parking there and to help make the street less narrow. We will continue this conversation at upcoming meetings, with a goal of having a plan for back to school in the fall.

Mid-Year Progress on Current Goals

  • STEM Standard: Need to look more into the STEM Designation Plan to see what standards we have listed there. Our STEM Designation needs to be renewed every 5 years, at the end of this year it will be two years.
    • Things that have been happening this year at Woodruff are that we added that STEM class, meaning that very student in the school participates in STEM class once a week. Each month there is a STEM school wide challenge for the students to participate in.
  • Behavior:Number of referrals to Jackie have dropped significantly from last year. Our school would like to use a Character Education Program of some sorts, not sure that Leader in Me is the best match.
  • Writing Data:There has been good growth with writing, there is always room for improvement and growth. Look at what is working and what could be improved upon. Writing is hard to measure.
  • Reading Data:There have been improvements with reading. To see all areas within reading we would need to dig into the data a little deeper.

Student Improvement Plan for 2018-2019 school Year

  • Goal #1: Given the Reading essentials, 80% of Woodruff Students will meet benchmark or demonstrate at least one year’s growth.
  • Goal #2: Given the Reading essentials, 80% of Woodruff Students will meet benchmark or demonstrate at least one year’s growth.
    • Trustland Expenditures will be combined for these two goals: $54,000.
  • Goal #3: Given the Math and Science essentials, 80% of Woodruff Students will demonstrate mastery or at least one year’s growth.
    • Trustland Expenditures: $22,000
  • Goal #4: Woodruff Students will decrease all office and refocus behavior referrals by 10% of the previous year.
    • Trustland Expenditures: $5,000

Estimated Trustland Expeditures

  • Estimated Expenditures: $81,000
  • Estimate Carry-over from 2017-2018: $4,000
  • Estimated Trustland Distribution in 2018-2019: $77,082
  • Estimated Carry-over for 2019-2010: $82.00

Vote to Approve Student Involement Policy

Stacie proposed to approve the Student Improvement Plan incliding the expenditures of Trustland Funds.

  • Jana-motioned
  • Val-2ndthe motion
  • All were in favor

Items for Next Meeting

  • Discuss ways to spend the remaining funds

Next Meeting

Wednesday, April 11th @ 3:15