Community Council Minutes
January 10, 2018


  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Jana Wheelwright
  • Eric Markworth
  • Matt Bennett
  • Sara Kippen
  • Lindsey Patterson
  • Becca Crookston
  • Karlee Fryer
  • Melissa Dahle
  • Val Christensen
  • Wyatt Olsen
  • Caroline St-Onge

Review and Approval of Minutes from December Meeting

  • Melissa Dahle- motioned
  • Jana Wheelwright- 2nd motion

Other Business

Introduction of Woodruff's New Principal:Matt Bennett will become the next principal here at Woodruff Elementary, effective the end of the month. He has worked within the district for the last 12 almost 13 years. Within the district he taught at Mount Logan Middle School and then has been the Special Education Teacher Specialist. Before working at Logan School District, he worked in Las Vegas with Special Education Grades K-3. Welcome to Woodruff! Eric Markworth will be moving to Logan High School as an assistant principle.

Budget Update:We have a total budget of $82,713, at this point we have spent a total of $39,132.77. We will be renewing the software licenses in February. At the February meeting we will discuss ways we can use the remaining trustland funds.

Teacher of the Year Nominations:Nominations are currently open. We talked about having Eric send out a reminder right before the nominations close. We will vote on these nominations at the next meeting.


Vote to Approve Parent Involvement Policy:

  • Eric proposed to approve the changes made to the Parental Involvement Plan.
  • Val-2nd the m

Green Power Event Proposal:Eric shared with us a STEM program that could be brought to Woodruff. The program would be an after-school group that would work together to build a GreenPower car to compete with against other schools. To purchase a kit for the car it is $6,000, and reusable year after year (car would be taken apart and put back together each year). The group of kids would work together to put together a battery ran car (about the size of a mini go-cart). They would compete against other schools by driving laps. Some of the other schools in the district participating in the GreenPower Event are Hillcrest and Edith Bowen. Some ideas that could be used is to have the whole school participate in decorating the car, possibly use the STEM specialist. What makes this program difficult is that it is a program based on parent involvement, much like Odyssey of the Mind and Lego League, hard to know that after spending $6,000 on a kit that there would be parents willing to run the program with support from the school. Eric will take this to the STEM team to see what their thoughts are.

Public Input

Caroline St-Onge from the Hillcrest Area presented to us concerns she has with how vision testing is currently done within the district. Currently the schools are only testing distance acuity, which can miss some important parts of testing vision. Vision Dysfunction affects 25% of the population (1 in every 4). An additional test could be given to help answer vision questions, which would in return change the way the student is learning. She shared come facts with us about how visual information affects brain functioning. Simple tools could be used to test these different vision dysfunctions, the cost would be around $400, and reusable year to year. Caroline has talked to the school board and was told they would get back to her, she has not heard back from them. A friend of Caroline’s that is an ophthalmologist talked with the district nurse and was told absolutely not. Caroline decided to take it to the community with a suggestion that each school spends $40 within the district to cover the total cost of $400. She thinks a great way to test the students would be at Kindergarten registration and 1st grade registration. One question that Caroline did not have an answer for was if trustland funds could be used for the vision testing supplies. She asked if we would discuss this at our next meeting and then follow up with her on any thoughts or decisions we have. Caroline’s contact info is (435) 881-8245.
The tools to be used would look like the following…

glasses and chart letter chart

This folder would help with seeing how claerly objects are seen at different distances, along with how the eyes are working together.

This is a simple card to be read with both eyes. It would help with near acuity and acuity with both eyes.

Communtiy Council Discussion about Vision:After Caroline presented her information on vision we discussed how we felt about it as a council. Many of us feel that this would be a valuable tool to have within our own school. We would like to look into buying the items needed for us to have at Woodruff. We like the idea of testing this on our own, possibly at kindergarten registration, or if a teacher notices a need within her class in other grades. We will discuss this again next month. We will need to be reminded of what trustland funds can be used to cover and see if we can possibly use some of this years remaining funds to purchase the tools needed. Eric said he will look for that answer for us. Eric said he would also be willing to discuss this with the district nurse to see what her thoughts are.

Items for Next Meeting

Think of needs at our school moving forward, with the School Improvement Plan in mind. What is Woodruff’s greatest academic need? Follow up on the discussion about Vision Screening.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, February 14th @ 3:15 pm