Community Council Minutes
December 13, 2017
3:20 to 4:05


  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Jana Wheelwright
  • Eric Markworth
  • Sara Kippen
  • Wyatt Olsen
  • Lindsey Patterson
  • Becca Crookston
  • Karleey Fryer
  • Melissa Dahle
  • Val Christensen

Review and Approval of Minutes from November Meeting

  • Melissa Dahle- motioned
  • Eric Markworth- 2nd motion

Other Business

Chromebook Expenditures and Budget Update:We were able to buy 60 Chromebooks along with the management systems and the carts to house them with the budget we allotted for them. 3rd grade will be taking 10 and 2nd grade will be using the remaining 50 (stored in 2 carts). In February we will be renewing our software accounts along with getting a few more RAZ kid accounts. Our budget is looking right on for what we were planning, and we may even have a little money to work with left in our budget. We will look at the budget at the beginning of the new year, and see what we can do with the remaining money. Wendy Morrey received a grant from the district for 17 laptops for her first-grade classroom. Wendy Morrey and Sara Kippen will be working with their students during small groups to give them time on keyboards and help them to become more familiar with computers in an education setting. This will benefit them with having extra time on the computers outside of computer prep once a week.

District Boundry Meeting Update from November 16th: It was mostly attended by Community Council members. The survey that was given to those that attended, can be found online on the Logan School District Facebook Page. Becca will add it to the Woodruff Facebook Page for others who may like to fill it out.

Vote to Approve Parent Involvement Plicy:We will vote on this next month, changes have not been made to this policy yet.

School Improvement Plan Update:Eric shared with us the data for our School Improvement Plan. Each grade comes up with what they call their Big Rock goals for each trimester. At the end of each trimester (November, February, and May) the staff talks celebrations with their goals and what could use some improvement within their goals. Some of the grades choose to set their goals according to where the students should be at this point of the year and others set their goals for where they should be at the end of the school. As for the Positive Behavior Goal within the School Improvement Plan there are posters hanging around the school and for the first two months of school student visits to Ms. Jackie was down 22 students. Eric needs to follow up to see how the last few months have been.

Community Council Meetings in December:We discussed the idea of not meeting in the month of December because of the craziness that comes with the month. The state states that we only need to meet 6 to 8 months out of the year. We decided to not make changes to the bylaws and decide year to year if we will meet in December. The discussion will be based on agenda topics and if they need to be addressed in the month of December.

Green Power Event Proposal:We will wait on until January

Public Input

Shout outs for the faculty nominated for the ESP of the year were presented at the faculty meeting yesterday.

Items For Next Meeting

Think of needs at our school moving forward, with the School Improvement Plan in mind. What is Woodruff’s greatest academic need?

Next Meeting

Wednesday, January 10th @ 3:15pm