Drop Off and Pick Up

Thank you so much for your efforts to keep our students safe this year as a School Community Council and school we have been discussing how to make our pick up and drop off flow better and be safer for our students. Here is the information to help with that goal:

Drop off & Pick up

  1. The school is open at 7:50 am for breakfast every morning and the other doors are open at 8:15 am. The breakfast door is on the northwest side of the building (by the staff parking lot).
  2. Please follow the attached yellow traffic flow on the map attached. Please DO NOT get out of your car if you are in the yellow traffic flow area. If you need to park and come in the building please use the parking lots provided. The red lines on the map indicate no traffic flow areas.
  3. The blue marks are where our bus loading and unloading occurs. When the weather is good and roads cleared, the bus will load and unload on the east side of 600 South. During the winter the bus will pull into the parking lot and park in front of the handicapped parking.

We appreciate your attention to these guidelines to help our flow move smoothly and most importantly keep our students safe. Safety over convenience is our theme for our pick up and drop offs. 

If you have any questions on the flow of traffice or any other ideas on how to make this more safe please contact the main office at 435.755.2350 or e-mail me at: eric.markworth@loganschools.org

Principal Markworth