5th Grade Ski Day

5th Grade Ski Day

The 5th grade students will be going to Beaver Mountain on Friday March 1st. This field trip is designed to be an educational experience. Students will be grouped according to ability and take a lesson customized to their needs.

If your student wants to attend please make sure that their permission slip is returned to the school by Wednesday February 20th.

There is a $25 fee associated with this field trip. If you need assistance with this fee please contact your student’s teacher or Ms. Liz in the main office.

Parent/Adult chaperones are welcome to join us but are not expected. You must contact the office to get more details at 435-755-2350

Spanish Story Club!

Spanish Story Club!!

Woodruff PTA is going to start a Spanish Story Club. If your child would like to participate in this club have them come to the office and put their name on a list with Ms. Fara.

This club will meet one day a week after school. The day and time has not yet been decided but if your child’s name is on the list we will make sure to get the information to you as soon as it is available.

We will be reading stories in Spanish. The purpose is to help students that speak English learn or improve their Spanish AND it is for kids that speak Spanish to learn or improve their English.

This is not an immersion program! This is a fun club that will hopefully help students develop a few new skills and make a few new friends. If you have any questions contact Fara Avila in the main office.

STEM Fair/STEM At Work Night

STEM Fair/STEM At Work Night

On March 7th we will be holding our STEM Fair and STEM at work night! This week your student(s) will be getting STEM fair packets to take home. These packets outline the requirements, deadlines, and give ideas for projects. Please encourage your child to participate. They can do group projects or family projects. Also, let them know that we will have a prize for all those that participate and some awesome prizes for our winners! We are excited to see what our amazing students will come up with!


The deadline for Term 2 AR is Friday, February 15!

The Ice Cream Party is the following Friday, February 22 during your student’s prep time.

We will have ice cream with the options for students to put chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, or strawberry syrup, along with sprinkles and whipped topping! :)

Please tell your students that they need to have their "golden ticket" for admission to the Ice Cream Parlor. Remember they get this ticket by meeting the goal that was set by them and their teacher. Help them reach this goal by reading at home at least 20-30 minutes every day.

There will be music going...and possibly a photo booth as well!

Thanks for encouraging your kids to achieve and exceed their goals!

Valentine's Tea

Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2019

Have your child dress in their finest on Valentine’s Day. We will have a little class during their prep time to show them how to properly behave during a nice meal. They will be given a chance to use their new skill with a little treat at the end of the presentation.

You can help to prepare them for this event by talking to them about how they should behave in their nice clothes and what they might expect during our presentation. Take the time after the tea to see what they learned and if it was a good experience for them.

Project Lift It!

Project LIFT IT!

Build a simple machine such as a pulley or winch

using recycled materials found in the home that can

lift Mr. Gingerbread Man off the ground.

Projects will be tested during the week of January

14th in each students’ STEM prep class.

Students that lift the Gingerbread Man the highest in

each class will receive a special prize.

Specifications: -Must use only recycled products.

Machine must fit in backpack. -Must be handmade

with no electric parts or motors.

*If you need ideas or materials please visit Mr. Nate or Ms. Duce!

Teacher Spotlight


Nate Drake’s journey at Woodruff Elementary began four years ago when he volunteered to help first graders practice their reading skills. This activity became the highlight of his week so he applied and was hired on as a para-professional the following year.  

As a para-professional he worked with small reading groups in first, fourth and fifth grades. Nate found he had a knack for explaining concepts and enjoyed seeing the students excited about the subjects he was teaching them. He also enjoyed the challenge of working with different age groups and especially helping explain the science concepts to the fifth graders.

The following year he took on the challenge of the newly created STEM specialist position. This brought on the additional challenges of adapting lessons, whole classroom management and organizing the tubs and boxes of various science themed supplies collected at the school over the years. He was assigned to the STEM team and had the chance to help organize and run the monthly STEM challenges. These were always great fun to see how the students took the concepts explained in class and applied those to a challenge that they might experience in life.

This year he added the morning announcements to his schedule which he thinks is great fun! Mr. Nate continues to enjoy teaching and learning with the students. He thanks all those who have helped him on his journey here at Woodruff Elementary which he hopes continues for many more years.

Gingerbread House Contest

December STEM Challenge Gingerbread Houses
December 13, 2018

Would you like to participate in a STEM challenge at Woodruff Elementary School?

Build a gingerbread house at home and bring it to school on December 13th. We will see if your house is strong enough to support the weight of our Gingerbread Man!

Approved Materials and rules:

• Your gingerbread house must be homemade, not store bought

• No glue allowed

You may only use:

• 1 cup of frosting

• 1 sleeve of Graham crackers

It must be:

• Completely hollow

• All materials must be edible (but not necessarily consumable)
Ex: egg whites for frosting

*Bring your gingerbread house to school on December 13th and we will test it during your lunch on the stage in the lunchroom.

Holiday Performance

Dear Woodruff Families,
As you may know, Logan City School District has implemented an entirely new music curriculum this year. Woodruff students have been working tirelessly to learn the fundamentals of music education. Throughout the month of November and December, our students have been learning to implement these skills into a special holiday musical number. We would like to invite you to observe what they have been learning this year, throughout the second week of December. Please join us in the Cafeteria at the scheduled time for your student’s class, to enjoy a holiday musical number. These performance’s will only last two to three minutes. This will ensure that there are plenty of instruments for each student, plenty of space for each student and their families, as well as plenty of parking for all who choose to attend. Please do not be late, as the performances are quite short, you would not want to miss it. 
Thank You for your continued support,

Miss Jo
Music Specialist

Tuesday December 11, 2018

Mrs. Beech Kindergarten -  8:45
The Reindeer Song

Mrs. Parker 5th Grade – 9:45
Viva la Musica!

Mrs. Cole 4th Grade – 10:15
Trepak –– The Nutcracker

Mrs. Sawyer 1st Grade – 12:15
The Hanukkah Dance

No 2nd Grade

Mrs. Miller 3rd Grade – 1:45
The Jingle Bell Dance

No Kindergarten

Monday December 10, 2018           

Mrs. Christiansen am Kindergarten -  8:45
The Reindeer Song

Mrs. Player 5th Grade – 9:45
Viva la Musica!

No 4th Grade

Mrs. Morrey 1st Grade – 12:15
The Hanukkah Dance

Miss Pierce 2nd Grade – 12:45
Christmas Eve Goodnight

Mrs. Rigby 3rd Grade – 1:45
The Jingle Bell Dance

Mrs. Christiansen pm Kindergarten – 2:30
The Reindeer Song

Wednesday December 12, 2018

No 5th Grade

Mrs. Duce 4th Grade – 10:15
Trepak –The Nutcracker Suite

Miss Conrad 1st Grade – 12:15
The Hanukkah Dance

Mrs. Parker 2nd Grade – 12:45
Christmas Eve Goodnight

Mrs. Green 3rd Grade – 1:45
The Jingle Bell Dance

Mrs. Davis Kindergarten – 2:30
The Reindeer Song

Friday December 14th, 2018

Mrs. Allen 5th Grade – 9:45
Viva la Musica!

Mrs. Patterson 4th Grade – 10:15
Trepak -The Nutcracker Suite

Mrs. Clayton 1st Grade -  12:15
Hanukkah Dance

Mrs. Sanchez 3rd Grade – 1:45
The Jingle Bell Dance

Mrs. Lowder Kindergarten – 2:30
The Reindeer Song

Thursday December 13, 2018

Mr. Dunmeyer 5th Grade – 9:45
Viva la Musica!

Mrs. Tollefson 4th Grade – 10:15
Trepak –The Nutcracker Suite

Mrs. Keepers 1st Grade – 12:15
The Hanukkah Dance

Mrs. Aubrey 2nd Grade – 12:45
Christmas Eve Goodnight

Mrs. King 3rd Grade – 1:45
The Jingle Bell Dance

No Kindergarten

Holiday Card Challenge

Holiday Card Challenge

We invite all students to participate in Logan City School District’s

Holiday Card Challenge!

To enter submit an original design on an 8 1⁄2 X 11 piece of paper. On the back clearly print your first and last name, grade, and school.

Please submit artwork to the District Office

Entries collected until December 10, 2018 at 4:00pm

If your design is selected it will appear on the District Holiday Card which is sent to various agencies and districts throughout the state.

We look forward to honoring the artist selected during a January Board Meeting

If you have any questions, please contact Shelly at the District Office

435-755-2301 shelly.bowman@loganschools.org