Community Council Minutes
August 9, 2017
3:05 to 4:15


  • Melissa Dahle
  • Jana Wheelwright
  • Eric Markworth
  • Sara Kippen
  • Becca Crookston
  • Karlee Fryer
  • Stacie Jorgensen
  • Wyatt Olsen

Other business

Update on what has happened since May:he two days of teachers coming in at the end of the school year was a huge success. All the teachers returned for those days, three teachers could only do one of the two days. The teams were all able to plan for the upcoming school year. iPads have been purchased and are here, they are in the process of getting everything loaded onto them. Should be ready for the school year.

Budget Updates and Carryover:The projected carryover for the FY2018 is $6,389.89. The FY2018 distribution is $72,324.

Fall Elections and Open Positions:Eric proposed to have Wyatt Olsen part of our Community Council, and Melissa seconded it. All were in favor. We look forward to having Wyatt part of our council. As we discussed elections for the fall we feel that we are good. We have seven parents currently on the council and three school representatives, principal, a lower grade and an upper grade teacher. We will not hold elections at this point. Open Positions for the 2017-2018 were filled. Eric proposed Stacie Jorgensen to be the Chair for Woodruff Community Council, Melissa seconded the motion, all were in favor. Eric proposed Jana Wheelwright to be the Vice Chair for Woodruff Community Council, Melissa seconded the motion, all were in favor. Eric proposed Karlee Fryer to be the Secretary for Woodruff Community Council, Melissa seconded the motion, all were in favor.

SIP Review and Amendment:With the new budget amounts for the FY2018 distributed, Eric will be ordering the Chromebooks for the 2nd grade. Eric is currently looking for a new Americorp employee, Jenni Budge will not be coming back this year. She got married over the summer and moved. An aide has been hired to help with writing. Eric is considering training opportunities for teachers and parents to learn more about the Leader in Me program. Something that has changed since we discussed our SIP in the Spring is that the district will be paying for the science specialist in each of the elementary schools from a STEM Levy budget they have. We now have $18,500 that can be spent differently to benefit our school, and we will need to amend the SIP.

Eric shared a few ideas with us of how we could spend the available money we have. There is a Professional Learning Community at Work Conference in Salt Lake at the end of September. We would send the Lighthouse Team (10 teachers) to the conference, there they would discuss ways to more effectively use models we are using at our school along with reading data and learning curves better. It would be the team leads (usually are in this position for 2 years) that would be attending this conference, of the 10, only 3 have gone before. The funds would cover the conference, hotel, subs, the cost would be about $11,000.

  • Melissa motioned to approve $11,000 to send the Lighthouse Team to the Professional Learning Community at Work Conference in Salt Lake.
  • Jana- 2nd the motion
  • All were in favor

The other idea Eric shared was to use $7,000 to provide a STEM aide for the STEM specialist, now that STEM Levy money is paying for the STEM Specialist. The aide would work with the STEM specialist to provide assistance with the hands on/experimental activities.

  • Meslissa motioned that we approve $7,000 to provide 3.0 hours a day for a STEM aide, Eric will use school funds for the remaining 2.5 hours, together providing a full-time aide for the STEM specialist.
  • Eric- 2ndthe motion
  • All were in favor

Our Schools Now:If you haven’t taken the time to look into Our School Now, please do. The idea is to raise sales tax .45% or ½ of 1% and raise income tax by .45% or ½ of 1%. Funds for the schools would be based on the amount of kids in the school, Woodruff would have the potential of receiving $576,000. We talked about having a place for people to sign their names at Back to School night, Melissa will check with Tiffany Vollmer, the PTA President, to see if someone would be available to sit at a table that night. We all have double Back to School Nights that evening. Doree Burt is working in Woodruff neighborhoods to get the word out and get signatures. Eric will also send out an email to the Woodruff Community to let them know of it and to look for opportunities to help and sign their support.

Public Input

We are still not sure where the public input goes if someone enters it in on the website, Melissa will check with the tech guy about that. We also talked about having a public input box in the office.

Items for Next Meeting

Look at Bylaws

Next Meeting

Wednesday, September 20th @ 3:00 pm (Meeting will now be the 3rd Wednesday of each month.)